The New Hotness

It’s been quiet… too quiet.

I have this weird disease where I constantly have new ideas I want to try and do and make happen, but I only ever get like 13% into them before some other shiny object steals my attention and I chase after that instead. I think it’s called cystic fibrosis or something.

I’ve always had these dreams of keeping a consistent blog going and releasing content on the regular and I still love that idea, but also I have a kid now so that’s easier said than done, but here I am, ready to try again!

SO, here are my new goals, laid out for all the world to make fun of me here in about 3 weeks when I’ve dropped all of them.

Why Goals Now?

Good point. It’s the middle of October. Nobody sets goals in the middle of October, unless they’re candy or Hocus-Pocus-Marathon related. Don’t worry, I have those, too.

I like setting goals before New Years so that by the time the new year hits, I’m in full stride and I can use the new year fervor to light a fire and keep up momentum. I should say that I like the idea of doing that, because I haven’t actually done it yet. But I’ve thought about it for the last few years. Why not try it now?

First, the News!

Venison Season 2 is coming. Probably sooner than I’d like to admit to myself, because I’m not ready (never ready). But it’ll be coming first thing in the new year. Looks like it’ll be coming in at 22 episodes, which is almost double last season’s count!

Here’s what’s really different:

I’ll be publishing on Patreon. I feel like I may have just heard a collective groan, but hear me out. The reward tier to read the serial episodes is just $1 per month! Aaaand the episodes will be weekly, so that means you get each episode for 25 cents. That’s super duper cheap. That’s like, 1920s comic books cheap.


I’ll be releasing one free short story each month right here on the ole website. Some will likely be tie-ins to other universes, some may be fun little standalone pieces, maybe even the occasional fanfic if I’m feeling saucy. Each new short story will release on the last Friday of the month.

That’s my goal. Which brings us to…

The Goalzzz

I’m going to try and get back to weekly blogs. Even if they're tiny little 300 word jobs. Just getting words out there will be huge for me. I’ll do 3-4 blogs a month, and fill in the dead spots with short stories.

That means a lot of juicy goodness for you to read. So buckle up, buttercup.