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It started New Years Eve, 2015. Four friends who love playing tabletop games together decided to come up with their own game. And they did. Chicken Run was funded in the summer of 2016 on Kickstarter and Pround Entertainment was born.

We had dozens of ideas for what to do next. We knew Chicken Run would just be the beginning of our creative career, but we had no idea what might happen next. As we began to conceptualize and design our next game, we wanted to create something deep and enrapturing.

We came up with the world of Varya. The deeper we got into brainstorming for the game, the more we realized there was a story to be told.

In the Spring of 2017, we released the novella, Frosthammer, which I co-wrote with Bryan Todd. It was the first time for both of us to publish something, and we got the itch. If you've followed me on social media, you know the love for writing has only intensified for me, and now, on the cusp of my first full-length novel release, Venison, I'm excited to announce Fox Press.

Fox Press


We came to a crossroads this past Spring. What do we do with all the books we want to create? Who owns the books, the author or Pround? So we came up with a solution: Fox Press. A new kind of micropublisher for independent authors. As a team, we wanted to create a solution that will help us release books well and with integrity. As we began to create Fox Press, we realized we were creating something that could help independent authors everywhere.

You can read more about Fox Press here, but I'm excited to announce that all of my previous releases are now under the Fox Press banner, and Venison will be the first new release for Fox Press.

If you watched my Proof reveal for Venison, you may have even noticed some Fox Press branding on the cover. That makes it official, right? Follow Fox Press for more exciting news as we gear up for open submissions this winter.

Take care!

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