Free Cover Design for an Indie Author - July 2018

I've been super busy lately. Between trying to kick-off a micropublisher, to getting Venison ready to release, and changing my website platform and writing as much as I'd like (okay maybe not as much as I'd like, but at least I'm writing something), my time has been in complete flux.

Because of all that mess, I haven't been able to do one thing as much as I'd like: help people.

I'm wired to be a helper. I love to serve, love to support, and watch other people grow to be the best they can be.

Now that Venison is launching in a little over a week, I'll have some time over the next month or so to do just that. As I pondered something I could do to give back to the community in some way, inspiration struck.

Cover design is expensive. In fact, it's almost prohibitively expensive for the indie publisher who's just starting out. I can speak for myself that I would have precisely zero published books if I didn't have the design skills I do. It's the truth. That kind of money is hard to come by, but as I've illustrated in this post, good cover design is absolutely essential.

So I want to give away a free book cover to an indie author who might be stuck. No strings attached, nothing in it for me (except exposure, I guess). I just want to help someone and make their day.

Now I'm no rockstar designer. I admit that. My designs seem to be met with general approval, but I know that I'm not a book cover design prodigy. But I can make something that looks professionally designed, not clip-art, word-art, or any other -art feature that we can all agree is not good.

Now, be warned, I may be asking some tough questions about your financial state or publishing status if you apply. I'm not trying to be nosy or exclusive, I just want to make sure I'm helping someone who really needs the help, not someone who wants to take advantage.

If you're interested, drop me a line below. We'll talk and see if it's a good fit. If you're not selected this time, I plan on doing this a few times a year, so next time might be your shot!

Also, I know for me, it would be hard to step out and admit that I need the help. Pride or something, I don't know. So if you know someone who would otherwise be too shy to ask, point them my direction or even sign them up if you'd like! Help me make someone's day.

(PS. I know the internet is a crazy place where everything leads to a newsletter or something. Not the case here. I want to give something away completely free. This form leads straight to my inbox and I won't add you to a newsletter or anything.)

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