2018, 2019, and Beyond

Earlier this year, I sat down with a white board and mapped out what I wanted the next 18 months to look like. I had draft completion dates, final edit deadlines, and release dates lined out and scheduled. Over halfway through July, and I'm 2 for 4 on my goals. And that's okay.

My Silly Brain

I've talked to a few people about how much I bounce around from idea to idea to idea. They've all encouraged me to just jot down the new ideas and stick with my current plan to finish strong. And I would absolutely love to. But I can't. If you can, I envy you.

My brain gets stuck. Over the last few years, from project to project, I've been both a pantser and a plotter, and I absolutely see the value of both, and I can't say which is better, because they're both unique ways of arriving at the same goal. What I can tell you, however, is that whether I plot or pants, I get stuck. I can't think of how to get to the next place.

It's always dumb things, like, "I need to get this character outside for [reasons], but I can't figure out how to do that easily."

And yes, the problems are often just as dumb as that sounds.

My solution? Have multiple projects going so that when I get stuck on one, I can jump over to another and keep the creativity flowing. It works well for me, although I often end up scatterbrained. I really do envy the ability to just stick with something until it's finished. It's something I'm working on. Maybe one of these years I'll try settling down and just churn through one thing. Or maybe for a NaNoWriMo or something, who knows.

What's Next?

First things first, as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to give my TL;DR horror submission another read-through and then submit that. I'd never written true horror (and admittedly, I quite possibly still haven't) so this is a new thing for me.

One of the few things I'm actually ahead of schedule on is Venison Season 2. I had a stroke of really fun inspiration for that, so I've been working on that a lot. It's going to be bigger than season 1 and definitely take more risks. I'm hoping for a January start date for that, so stay posted!

I've also started working on a holiday release that will be coming in early November. Buckle up, I'm excited about this one!

What's new with Echo?

I had big hopes for Echo. I still have big dreams, but I've honestly hit some inspirational walls with the IP. I have some outlines and mostly written things, but they haven't really inspired me or resonated with me the same way Echo and Frequency did. Until that happens, I don't feel good about releasing that stuff. I'm hoping I can get there soon!

The New Hotness

In 2014, one of my best friends and I had an idea for a fun little mobile game. It involved a spaceship escaping a black hole, dodging asteroids and space debris and all kinds of things. At its heart, it was a simple one-finger arcade game. But under the hood, we envisioned a broad universe to support why there was a ship escaping a black hole. We had ideas for stories to be released alongside the app, including some interactive fiction apps to go with it.

In August of 2015, we released the app, it completely flopped and we ran out of time and money, so we never went any further with it.

Until now. About a month ago I dusted off an early draft of a first chapter and remembered some of what I loved about the project in the first place. So I've been drafting in that world a lot as well. I'm shooting for a rapid release trilogy, hopefully sometime in 2019, so be on the look out for the Nova Wing trilogy.

I have my hands full, but I love creating, so I can't wait to do more of it and share it with you! Of course, all the releases will be through Fox Press, so follow them to stay up to date!