Back to the Fantasy

So the title was supposed to kind of be a play on Back to the Future, but it doesn’t really work. Anyway, I’m too stubborn to change it, so that’s what you get. You’re welcome.

What I’m working on

I’m taking a brief hiatus from my sci-fi stuff and Venison to jump back into an old love of mine: fantasy.

In 2017 a friend and I wrote the first foray into a fantasy world we’d been dreaming up. We ended up writing a short little novella that we hoped would set the stage for bigger things. But after we finished and released it, it never felt quite right.

I think I grew impatient and just wanted to get something out there as fast as I could (first release jitters, I guess?) I think my writing partner would’ve been content to take our time and write the best book we could’ve, and I should have listened to him.

Regardless, it’s been on my list for some time to go back and fix that, and I’ve recently been super inspired, so now it’s time to tell the rest of the story.

Legend of Varya

The land of Aeda is an ancient country with lots of history and a little mystery. Varya is the power that binds creation. Found in five major elements: fire, air, water, earth, and lightning, those with the ability to wield such power are known as Varyans, but they are more rumor and legend than anything.

This is a place with a rich history I’ve loved exploring and can’t wait to bring to you over the years! It’s something I’m really excited about, so look for more updates soon!

New outlining method

I’ve seen this pop up a few times recently in the circles I follow, and I think my newest project is the perfect place to try it.

With my current WIP, I’m going to try and outline with index cards. Each card gets a scene, from beginning to end. I’m a pantser by nature, but I think with a little more structure, I won’t have to spin my wheels as much. Especially with something as broad and sweeping as fantasy can be. I want to lay everything out in front of me and really wrap my head around it.

I’ll let you know if it works for me and what my thoughts are soon. It may revolutionize my process. Or it may be a total flop. We shall see!

Ready for some things

Ready for some things

My goal is still to blog and update more this year, I just need to get in the habit of it, which is way easier said than done. Either way, we’ll get there! I look forward to a productive, book-filled 2019!

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