Strange Waters Story Reveal #6

Things have been quiet around these parts. Too quiet… Someday soon I’ll write a blog to you on what’s been happening around the Frankoverse (apparently it’s the in thing to add -verse to everything nowadays, so I decided to go ahead and get dibs on my own), but that day is not today!

No, today is reserved as a day for awesomeness. I even pulled some strings to make sure the president would give you the day off so you’d have plenty of time to read my announcement. If you’re in America, anyway. So, with all your extra free time, just keep on scrolling and feast those lookin’ balls on this:

Finer Things.jpg

Finer Things

The Phoenix Fiction Writers anthology for this Fall is going to be awesome, y’all. True story. I mean, I’m biased, but just trust me on this.

Our theme for this year’s anthology is to all write a story that incorporates the same image: a sailboat drifting on a glassy sea with pillowy marshmallow clouds in that background. Since I am the picture of obedience, I did exactly that. For about 1.5 seconds, before those soft, billowing clouds are ripped apart by a space station burning up in the atmosphere of a distant purple planet.

Okay, let’s back up.

Soren Tallweather and Tabitha Courtney are madly in love with each other and furiously in hate with the society that says they can never be together. They could escape, if only they had the means to buy anonymity. If they can get their hands on the right merchandise, that can certainly be arranged.

It was supposed to be in and out, but no job ever goes according to plan. Now it’s a race against the clock to get to safety with an all-too-familiar enemy on their tails. But justice, it seems, picks the most inopportune times to show up.

Everything they thought they had is at stake as Tabitha must settle the war within herself: what’s more important? Her own freedom or those less fortunate than her?

It’s a story of challenging sacrifice and exhilarating action. There’s a hint of star-crossed lovers, and subtle against-all-odds sadness. There are twists and turns and adventures and moral dilemmas—basically your usual fare, if it has my name on it.


I absolutely love this world, it’s completely new to me and I had a blast writing it. I can already tell you that it’s inspired other stories from the same universe, and I’m super excited to write these stories and let them free into the world.

There may or may not be more Soren Tallweather and Tabitha Courtney coming in the future as well… we shall see.

Until then, be on the lookout for other Strange Waters stories from the other talented authors in the always-incredible Phoenix Fiction Writers. You can keep tabs on the story reveals as they come in here.

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