After Venison: What's Next?


Venison Season 1 has ended. Crafting the first season of my first serial was an incredible learning process. I had a lot of fun creating a whole new world (and seeing it pop up in the news after a few episodes, if only I'd trademarked "Zombie Deer Disease") and exploring a cast and setting over 13 weeks. I grew a lot as a writer through the process and learned a lot of what works well in a serial and what doesn't. Don't worry, there'll be some blog posts coming down the pike with more on that, so stay tuned.

But for now, I want to share where we're going. No, I'm not going to give away any story details or anything like that, you'll have to wait for season 2. Which brings me to first trusty h3 tag...

Venison Season 2

Venison Season 1 left us with a little bit of a cliffhanger. I'm not mean enough to leave you hanging with that and never revisit it. Right now, the plan is a similar release schedule for next year, so look for Venison Season 2 in early 2019. I'm hoping for more episodes and a little bit of a change in format, but that'll be a different blog post for a different day. But there will be a Season 2!

Venison Season 1 though...

Here's the plan for Season 1. I'm leaving it up until the end of May. Possibly until June 1st. We'll see. Then, later this Summer I'll be releasing Season 1 as a novel with all-new exciting content exclusive to the publication. I'm also going to give Venison a once-over as a complete piece and polish it up for publishing. I'll likely be indie publishing, so look for it on Amazon.

New Content, You Say?

I did say, as a matter of fact. I asked a few fans what they'd like to see more of in the world, and the unanimous answer was some character backstories. So there will be a few short stories included that will elaborate on some back stories and help fill the world out. In fact, I'm almost done with one of the stories now, and it's shaping up to be one of my favorite short stories I've written. So that's something to be excited about, hopefully, right?

The Nitty Gritty Though

So, Venison will be up for about 6 more weeks, then it's coming on down. So if you haven't caught up yet, here's your warning! (I'm not a monster, if a lot of people want a little more time, I may extend it some. But not much). Share with your friends if you loved it, share with your enemies if you hated it. Either way, share it.

One option I'm pursuing is doing "re-runs" on something like WattPad. Haven't decided either way yet, but maybe. We'll see.

Oh, there may or may not be some other surprises for you later in the year. We'll see!


Venison is up for a limited time. Then coming in a special novel with loads of exclusive extra content. Season 2 next year.

Speaking of TL;DR, my short story Rest Stop in the #RedditWriters anthology TL;DR actually takes place in the Venison universe. So, if you're interested in more Venison (plus a bunch of other great things from more talented writers than me) pick up a copy today!

I'd love to know what you think about Venison, about the Venison novel, and the potential of doing "re-runs" on WattPad! Drop me a comment below and let me know!