#AllHallowsWritingTag - 2017

The novel I have in the works isn't developed very much, however, I'm working on a serial that I will turn into a novel for every "season" so I'm using that for this. The story follows a pair of friends in the midst of surviving a zombie-like Oklahoma. The two friends, Grayson and Callum, are simply trying to find Callum's dad, but having a tough road getting there, as tends to happen when zombies stand between you and those you love.

It’s Halloween night! What is your protagonist dressed up as?

Gray takes things way too seriously right now. See the next question.

Who in your cast refuses to dress up and shows up at the Halloween party without a costume?  

See the previous question. That guy has got to learn to live a little.

Which character wears the most outrageous costume, and what would it be?  

Definitely Dillon. That guy would do just about anything for attention. He would probably be something really inappropriate though. NSFW at all.

On Halloween, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are on the prowl. Which of your characters gets caught in their clutches, and which creature do they subsequently turn into?  

Dillon would definitely be the airhead who gets caught. And he'd be caught by zombies, obviously.

Who wins the contest for best costume? 

The best costume would probably be Mallory. She would be very playfully creative with her costume.

Who hands out toothbrushes to the trick and treaters? 

Unfortunately, my all-business protagonist.

Which two of your characters decide to pair up and do an angel/devil costume together?

It would be Mallory and Matt if Mallory wasn't trying to win the best costume.

Someone is too scared to even attend the Halloween party. Who is it?

That would probably be Callum. The poor kid has seen a lot, who could blame him?

Who overdoses on Halloween candy and ends up sick?

I would be willing to bet Dillon on that one. He doesn't think often.

Which character is most likely to place a curse/hex on someone and who would they curse?

Grayson may put a hex on Matt. Really anyone might curse Matt, except Mallory, because she just doesn't see anything wrong with him for some reason. But let's face it, he kinda had it coming.

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