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Ferryman + Frosthammer


Some people can fly. Some can see impossible distances. Some can change their appearance, control the elements, or run at incredible speed. Charlie Ferris can kill with a touch. Contrary to what the superhuman government believes, Charlie has no dreams of world domination or mass murder. Neither does he wish to pretend his powers don’t exist. He wants to use his abilities for good, but how? As the immortal years pass, Charlie fears that villainy is the only option for the master of death. But when an undying army appears at their doorstep, the superhuman authorities have no choice but to call on a professional killer. Charlie wants to believe that this is his chance to prove he’s a good guy, but sparks fly at every encounter. When harassment mounts and prejudice backs him into a wall, The Ferryman must decide what is more important: a good reputation…or goodness?


Durmgir the Cold and his hapless companion, Mortalan, had been searching for an ancient weapon for nearly a decade. Now that they have found the legendary Frosthammer, they find themselves fighting for their lives in a war that may change the face of Aeda forever.

Legend of Varya: Frosthammer is the first Legend from the land of Aeda.