Shameless Plug: Echo


Is anyone ever truly excited about writing that first big scary blog post? Who knows, I'm probably overthinking this anyway. No matter my discomfort at writing things about me, I've decided to start with a bang. A bang that looks a lot like a shameless plug.

Echo: A Shameless Plug

My first solo project, Echo is now available on Amazon. It's true. You can check it out here. And that certainly won't be the last link for it you see in this post, because sales.

Echo is the first short story in a series of interconnected stories that take place in a future where mankind is traveling the stars and colonizing stuff and whatever. One of Earth's outposts is attacked by mysterious aliens that turn out to be human clones. Echo follows a small group of soldiers who get separated from the rest of their platoon, the story starts with a soldier named Ariana.

Ariana is an Orbital Drop Marine. She has dropped into intense battle zones before, but something is different about this one. When she finds herself in an eerie quiet when there should be all-out war going on around her, she may find more than she could have ever expected.

I've had Echo open for beta reading for awhile now, and it's been getting incredible reviews. Honestly, that sounds like a shameless plug, but hear me when I say I am just as surprised as you are. Seriously, I thought the story was pretty decent, especially as my first try at a solo project, but I was completely humbled to see that readers actually truly enjoyed it. Like, legitimately asked for more, enjoyed it.

Some readers said they loved the story and can't wait for more of the universe to grow. Others said this story completely threw them for a loop. Others still begged that I turn it into a novel.

I don't share this to tell you all about how great I am (that's a post for another day) I share this to tell you how excited I am to share this story with the world as my launch pad for an entire universe. I've made a lot of new friends recently who love this story. I think you might, too.

It's only 99 cents on Amazon. For less than the price of a coke, you could support me in a huge way. Sure, you could always sign up for my mailing list and receive it for free, but a little support would go a long way towards helping me grow a platform on Amazon.

That's my humble plea. Could you spare a buck and drop me a little support? And then, could you take it a step further? Would you write me an honest review on Amazon? Reviews are like gold there, and you can never have enough.

Alright, there's my shameless plug. Don't hate me, they won't happen often. One more, though, check out Echo on Amazon today: