Mankind has taken to the stars. After the discovery of Faster Than Light technology, humanity has spread far and wide across our arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. In 2187, human colonists found out the hard way that humanity is not alone in the galaxy. When the Charon Outpost was attacked by aliens, earth's best strategists were put to the task of learning everything they could about this new enemy.

After a thwarted attack, a team of specialists managed to recover the corpses of the enemy for the first time. Imagine their surprise when they unmasked a human clone. So, this was the enemy. Where did the clones come from?

Now, in 2194, a team of soldiers leads a desperate rescue attempt on Midas IV, a moon orbiting a gas giant. When they find themselves stranded and separated from the rest of their platoon, they will make a discovery that they never saw coming.

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Frequency - Book 2

War is coming to Earth. As an army of clones bears down on our solar system, Lincoln Harris and his team make a discovery that could save the human race before it’s too late. Everything spirals out of control when an unexpected visitor arrives at their research station, threatening to unravel everything they’ve built.

Frequency is the second book in the Echoes in the Night universe, following Echo. These stories are independent, standalone pieces, but all work together to tell a broader narrative.

Frequency is available on Amazon.