Echo and Frequency Sale

This weekend is a big weekend if you love Sci-Fi! Echo is free on Amazon, and Frequency is only a buck! Woah!

Echo-Freq Ad.jpg


Echo is free on Amazon right now! If you haven't had a chance to read the explosive and mind-bending sci-fi thriller that started it all, now's your chance!

An army of mysterious human clones ravages Earth's colonies across the solar system. Seven years into the war, Ariana's team of Orbital Drop Marines is sent on a desperate rescue mission to Midas IV.

Ariana is experienced in the chaotic frenzy of battle, but this drop is different. Instead of a heated battle, she emerges into an eerie calm. Separated from their platoon, Ariana and her team need to discover why this place is untouched by the all-out war raging everywhere else on the surface. Finding the answer leads Ariana to a discovery that will change her forever—but will the cost be too high?


Frequency is on sale for as much as 86% off list! Now is the best chance to read the thought-provoking follow-up to Echo.

War is coming to Earth.

They're ruthless, powerful, and they look just like us. As the mysterious clone army advances on our solar system, Lincoln Harris and his team must find a way to stop them. But on the cusp of a crucial discovery that could save the human race, an unexpected visitor arrives at the research station and threatens to unravel everything they've worked so hard to build.